There are numerous varieties of kite available and the lenkmatten, also known as the power kite, provides an exciting rush to people who take part in one or more variants of this popular pastime. All the same, it’s essential that you receive instruction from a trainer who’s qualified if you’re a newbie to the sport and also that you recognize the inherent dangers in the sport.

Individuals who fail to realize the limitations of their kite plus their own limitations or who decide to fly in conditions that are dangerous apart from putting themselves at risk are also putting others in harm’s way.

Conditions that are excessively windy have the potential to take even an expert kiter off course resulting in collisions with objects in water, power lines, buildings, and other vertical objects that are stationary, so it’s vital that you are aware of all the potential hazards before flying and possess the necessary expertise to pilot the power kite.

These are three of the important tips to follow:

Read the Instructions

All power kites that have been approved will feature their own safety manual and specially designed instructions. Since power kites may be designed differently to suit the kind of activity you want to pursue, it’s imperative that you study these instructions cautiously as they can be specific to your kite.

Gentle Winds First

Don’t attempt to run before you can walk. This means you should try out a kite in gentle winds first. This enables you to gain control and learn how the kite works. Once you’ve mastered flying your kite in light winds and established a degree of confidence in your capability to handle it, then you can move on to windier conditions.

On the Water

If you’re planning on using your lenkmatten on or around water, you’ll also require strong swimming skills with a lot of confidence in your ability to swim back to shore even when you’re tired and wearing a wetsuit.

Staying Safe While Using the Lenkmatten or Power Kite

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