When you initially start out on a journey to choose the ideal pair of best shoes for flat feet, there are a couple of tests you can perform at the point of purchasing those pairs of shoes to ensure that you’re getting the right type of support that you need.

  • If the shoe bends in the toe area, then it provides enough support, but if it bends around the middle, it will definitely not provide the needed support. Your middles are where the support is most needed, so you’ll have to try out another pair.
  • How easily are you able to torque and twist it? Choose a shoe that is tough to move. These are the types of shoes that will provide you with the utmost support for your arches.
  • Is the heel solid and stiff? Proper support for the heels – a basic feature of the best shoes for flat feet women – just brings the whole package together. You would want to avoid a rolling ankle just after getting your arch support, won’t you?

spring-and-summer-shoes-n-women-s-shoes-gauze-net-fabric-breathable-casual-sports-shoes-runningIt all boils down to one basic principle – a stiffer shoe will provide more support for your feet while helping to prevent over-pronation. According to the results of a study conducted by a University in Hong Kong, it was discovered that motion-controlled shoes can assist with over-pronation by giving your feet and legs a more stable base.

You may be thinking ‘why would I prefer a stiff shoe? Won’t it be really uncomfortable?’ Shoes today are manufactured with loads of comfortable material and padding so as to ensure that your feet don’t feel like prisoners inside a plastic box. The common misconception is that extra support equates to a lack of comfort but for a flat footer, you’ll actually feel more comfortable as soon as you receive the arch support wanted by your feet.

What to Look for When Deciding on Shoes for Flat Feet Women

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