Man boobs, moobs – whatever you want to call Gynaecomastia – affects 50% of the male population. They are more prevalent than you want to imagine, however, the root cause is more than lifestyle and diet. It could affect teenage males going through the delights of growing pains, obese men of any age and older men. Moobs lead to a lot of self-consciousness and unease amidst the fact that they are mostly the subject of a lot of humor and a lot of gynexol reviews on the internet to the extent that a  Google search for ‘moobs’ shows a lot of articles counseling people how best to eliminate them.

However is this possible at all? And – more essentially – what is the root cause of Gynaecomastia at first?

Estrogen vs. Testosterone

While, as previously mentioned, men irrespective of the age and at all stages can see themselves with boobs, there is one reason for this especially. It’s not compulsorily a lack of exercise or poor diet. It’s as a result of hormones. Breast tissue may develop leading to an imbalance between the female hormone (estrogen) and male sex hormone (testosterone). For adolescents, the dominance of the estrogen hormone levels results in man breasts due to the fact that a teenage boy encounters a drop in testosterone.

Just like what is obtainable with a majority of the hormonal imbalances, this one specifically might clear up with age. Older men may see a breast size increase as a result of their testosterone levels dropping around the age of 20. These crazy hormones are not the only factors as others include alcohol abuse, cannabis, heavy steroid use, and amphetamines.  Therefore what can be done? Reduction surgery for male breasts is on the rise, but checking out some gynexol reviews may be a big help.

Why HALF of men get ‘man breasts’ and how to eliminate them for good: Gynexol Reviews

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