A monogram is a motif of two or more interwoven letters, typically a person’s initials used to identify a personal possession or as a logo. An embroidery machine is a machine that will not only meet your needs of sewing monograms but will also meet other embroidery design. There is the certainty that if you get a monogramming machine for the sole purpose of monogramming you will have other options to do all other types of embroidered designs. Below are some points you can go through, aimed at a monogram machine review. The review is centered on the two types of monogramming machines: home/domestic use and commercial use;

Domestic/Home Use

If you will meeting the needs of you home in the sense that you will be doing monograms on gifts, home décor, craft projects and personal items. An embroidery machine targeted for domestic/home use has the features that are essential to creating all the monograms needed for its operation. For more options of monogramming designs, you can utilize a monogramming software program. This gives you other options (fonts and designs) to select from, thus exercising your creativity.

Commercial/Professional Use

The embroidery machine targeted to meet commercial/professional needs are designed to meet the needs of higher volumes of projects. For starters, you can run your business with a top-notch embroidery machine. One distinct advantage of the commercial embroidery machine is their efficiency (in terms of time and performance) and durability. The durability factor is very important due to the higher volume of projects that will be operated and the time spent daily on the machine operation.

The standard commercial monogramming machine comes with 6 needles. The higher end commercial monogramming machine come with up to 15 needles. The difference in the number of the needle is based on the fact if one will embark on embroidery design projects that have a number of color in them.  This does not mean that a 6-needle cannot be used for multiple color embroidery projects, this just means that the needle will be changed multiple times during the time of operation.


Create Embroidery To Improve Mental Health: Monogram Machine Review

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