Marilyn Monroe was a movie star from the golden age of Hollywood. She was famous for starring in popular movies of her time such as Some Like it Hot and Niagara. And since she is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses ever, there are a lot of people that are fans of hers. If you consider yourself a fan of Marilyn Monroe, then you have got to start collecting memorabilia that is dedicated to her. If you use decorations with her face on it, then you can pay homage to your most favourite actress. And if you are wondering what the top kinds of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia that you can get, here are some of them.

Pillow cover

You can sleep on your bed using Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. You may want to think about buying a Marilyn Monroe pillow cover, so that you can decorate your bedroom or living room pillows, with Marilyn’s face. These pillow cases also make great gifts for people who also love Marilyn. Getting a pillow case of her face is a good idea since you can just replace the pillow case cover if you want to change the pillow’s appearance.

Autographed Pictures

Did you know that you can buy authentic vintage photos that are signed by Marilyn Monroe? It is true! There are actually a lot of photos around; however, they are actually quite pricey.

Movie Posters

Using movie posters of films that Marilyn starred in could be a great idea. You could stick these classic movie posters on the walls of your office and home. It is also really easy to make these posters look good too since all that you will need to do is frame them. Using a movie poster of a classic Hollywood is going to be a gorgeous way that you can decorate any space.


There are all sorts of clothes that you can buy if you want to showcase your love and devotion to Marilyn Monroe. For example, there are a lot of reproduction pieces of clothing that Marilyn Monroe wore, and you can purchase these articles of clothing if you want to look like your movie star idol. There are also many other kinds of clothing memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe that you can purchase as well. There are shirts, bags, etc., which all have got Marilyn Monroe’s face printed on them. Buying any one of these allows you to have her face all of the time anywhere when you wear it.

These are just some of the Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia that you can get. In general, there are a lot more different kinds of collectibles that you can purchase when it comes to Marilyn Monroe. A lot of people love this classic movie stars beauty. Using memorabilia that is dedicated to her, as a decoration piece, will definitely make your home look way more fabulous. If you are a true fan of Marilyn Monroe, then you should be putting her memorabilia as decorations around your home and office. It could be a great way for you to surround yourself with things that you love.

Marilyn Monroe pillow cover to put in vet clinic

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