KIK is a mobile app that has got messaging and social networking functions. This kind of app allows people to instantaneously communicate with people from all over the world. And if you are looking for a top notch messaging app then you may want to download KIK. But just like any other messaging and communication app, there is actually a lot under the hood of the app itself. And you will need to start familiarizing yourself with all of the different features of KIK. These tips and tricks are going to aid you know and master all of the different features that KIK messenger has.

Keep read messages unread.

Do you want to read a person’s message, without them having been notified that you have read it? There is actually a way for you to do that if you are using an Apple device. Open up the message first, and then quickly double tap your home button. This will enable multitasking, but you can still see a screenshot of the message that was sent to you.

Find a person’s username.

Finding a hot person on KIK is always awesome. You can just start chatting with them if you know the right username to chat with. Fortunately, there are actually websites and apps that compile lists of hot people and their KIK usernames. This would make it easier to find a specific person’s username.

Save old KIK messages.

If you do not want to lose any of the old messages that you have received on KIK, then there is actually a way for you to save them all. Go into the KIK settings in your messenger page. Scroll down until you see an option for backing up your KIK data. If you back up all of your KIK messenger data, then this will include everything: your contacts, messages, etc.

Message typing trick

You can actually fool people into thinking that you are texting a message to reply them back with when you are actually not doing that. If you type a message on KIK, there is a notification that the other person can read, it will say (username) is typing something. There is one way that you can trigger that message without having to type anything at all. The next time that your KIK friends send you a message; you can type a single letter, and then go and change your username. Your account will have a permanent typing something message.

You can use all of these KIK tips and tricks in order to make the most use out of this messaging app. And if you have mastered and learned all of these KIK tips, you can chat with your friends on your phone much more quickly and conveniently. You may even share what you have learned about using KIK messenger, with your friends, who are also using the same app. This would result in you and your friends having a more awesome time messaging each other using KIK. So what are you still doing? You have got to start using KIK right now!

Some tricks for veterinarians to find Kik Friends

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