We could just picture cave men making use of rocks as a plate, it cannot get older than that. Due to the dark color of the stone, these gorgeous and special natural slate trays and plates make for an interesting way to serve cheese, desserts, and appetizers. As with a lot of our products they are totally natural and food safe. Their rustic cum elegant look is from the naturally chipped and chiseled edges and semi-smooth surface making every piece special. Quarried in Vermont, the color is often black but can have streaks of dark gray, with a slightly textured surface.

The plate feature soft vinyl “feet” to guard whatever surface it is put on.

As the original chalkboards or blackboards which were derived from smooth slate, you could really write right on these boards with the featured food safe soapstone chalk, providing you with the ability to identify major components of the dish, like the names of the various cheeses being served, or even brief love notes!!

Although very strong, like a normal ceramic plate, plates derived from slate could chip or break if mishandled or dropped. Handle the plates with extra care when storing, or washing them at all times.

Since Slate is hugely compacted, it holds and transmits heat very effectively and efficiently; therefore it could become extremely dangerous and hot to the touch. Slate plates are not recommended for use in a microwave or oven. Likewise, it would keep and retain the cold which is great for serving cold items.

The plates are dish washer safe or could be wiped with a damp cloth or hand wash with a mild soap.

Slate Plates are not resistant to scratch and therefore should not be employed as a cutting board. If it does become scratched, you could just rub it with food-grade mineral oil and it would bring back the finish. As a matter of fact, if the plates become dull, a rubbing with food-grade mineral oil would bring back the rocks natural luster.

Slate Plate and Cheese Boards: Interesting Way to Serve Cheese

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