Majority of individuals think that conventional vacuuming and cleaning tend to help with the reduction in allergy symptoms, but in actual fact, the problem is not with the aforementioned rather it is with poor vacuums as they can make your allergies become a lot worse. What happens in most cases is that majority of the vacuums find it difficult to retain small allergen particles and they end up blowing them around the room they were meant to be kept clean. The ideal vacuum for allergies are actually those vacuums that employ the use HEPA filter. The website has some great articles about allergies; it is recommended that you take out time to consult some, if not all the articles.

HEPA filters were initially fabricated by the military in to capture small radiation particles during warfare and they have been employed in the health sector for a period. HEPA vacuums tend to capture over 99.99% of dust and particles that are .3 bigger or micrometers. It is important you are aware of the fact that these tiny particles are very much responsible for most of the allergy symptoms. The human body, on the other hand, can handle large particles naturally, but the smaller particles, on the other hand, get trapped in your nasal tracts and lungs where they tend to pose a threat to your respiratory system at large. If you are looking out for the best vacuum for allergies, it is important you keep in mind that you will use it for a long period, so pay close attention to the ease of use and the weight.

Many think that allergies can only be handled with medications and that they cannot be prevented. But one of the best ways to avoid allergies starts at home. Preventing exposure to allergens makes an immense difference, and can be achieved with some simple steps in the home, including cleaning, avoiding dust and moisture, among others.

One of the alternatives is the use of the vacuum cleaner that is why next we tell you what you can do with your vacuum cleaner and what models specialize in this battle against sneezing.

HEPA filters and vacuum cleaners.


Cleaning with a quality HEPA vacuum is essential for the control of allergies. Most common vacuums do not retain particles as small as pollen, dust mites, mold, spores and other allergens.

Look for a few essential features

The excellent dust holding a capacity of anti-allergy vacuum cleaners is based on a multi-layer filtering system. The system consists of the innovative large dust bag, the engine protection filter, and the air outlet filter. The perfect harmony between these components guarantees the retention of more than 99.9% of fine dust. Among its qualities is low energy consumption.

An anti-allergy allergy can handle all allergens

It not only removes pollen, mites and other allergens from all types of floors but also its HEPA AirClean filter cleans the ambient air: When they are filtered, they are filtered from the ambient air particles, mites, even fine dust. It retains even microscopic size particles. Allergic people can finally breathe!

It reaches points of difficult access because the pivoting swivel joint system and the flat casing of the anti-allergy vacuum cleaner make it possible. It is possible to suck comfortably under beds, tables and dressers. It’s quiet: Thanks to the acoustically optimized motor and integrated sound insulation.

These vacuum cleaners should handle pet hair

You can enjoy your pet as much as possible and avoid bothering your visitors who suffer from allergies. It has 2 factors that are fundamental in this regard, on the one hand, its special vacuum cleaner brush to collect all kinds of dirt, and especially the hair that your dog or cat loses, and on the other its Active Air Clean filter, perfect for eliminating bad smells.

Some tips for choosing an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner

Verify that the place where you are going to buy specializes in vacuum cleaners, whether physical or online. The seller should ask you about what type of floors you have, pets, needs, etc. to recommend the one that best suits your home.

It is important the filter, choose one that has a good HEPA filter (that says it in the box, does not mean that it has it and much less that it is a good HEPA filter). What this filter does is keep the dust inside the machine and not return it to the environment. The filter must capture a majority of the particles. What is the use of cleaning, if we are going to return dirty particles to the environment? To be a good HEPA filter it must be covered by a hard plastic packaging, surrounded by a seal that leaves it encapsulated. For this reason, it is essential to choose a certified vacuum cleaner for allergic people.

Best Vacuums for Allergies: What You Need to Know

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