It is without a doubt that there is the resurgence in vinyl in the music industry, the question now is – What is stopping you from acquiring for yourself a turntable? You actually do not have to spend all your savings on a vinyl just so that it can sound great. In actual fact, you will find an article on the Pick My Turntable official website that provides you with information on how to go about spending as little as £140 and still get an excellent turntable for your listening pleasures.

This is actually one of the best options you will find in the market, whether you are ripping your vinyl using a USB deck, dipping a toe with your first turntable or doing some upgrade to an aging entry-level model.

Lenco L-85

This is a belt driven, a semi-automatic turntable that is designed with an inbuilt phono stage. It is very cheap and affordable; you will be able to acquire it for as low as £120. It actually supports USB recording.

The manufacturing team at Lenco has invested much time and research to make sure that the turntable experience is very simple, just so that anyone can have his/her on the turntable. Fortunately, this is the best plug and play machine that the market has ever seen coming at a very cheap price.

When you glance at the L-85 at first, you will think that the turntable is a toy. It is designed with mostly plastic, thus contributing to how light the turntable is.

Buy the right turntable

The last record player blessed time already a few years ago and to be honest, who would have bought a turntable in the 90s? Many would have declared you crazy.

However, if the collection is to be preserved as a digital version, i.e. digitized, a record player is urgently needed. Technically, current models offer all modern and important connectivity options. If the turntable but later finds a place in the living room, the design also plays an important role in the selection.

Space requirement of a turntable

Unlike a CD, records today are extremely unwieldy. The sheer size of the vinyl discs also requires certain proportions in turntables. After all, the tonearm must still find its place on the side of the turntable.

If the trend is miniaturizing in all areas, turntables are simply still big boxes because of their design.

So before you buy, you have to be aware of how much space is available at the place where the record player should be placed.

Changeable pickups

The pickup is the most important part of a turntable. Attached to the tonearm, the pickup is responsible for passing the signal picked up from the needle off the record. And with this feature, this component is also responsible for the quality that ultimately comes out the back.

To attach the pickup there are different systems, in the actual audio connection are always attached to the pickup four cables.

As a result, pickups from different manufacturers can be used on the turntable, provided that the attachment is compatible with each other.  When buying a turntable, it makes sense to pay attention to the interchange ability of the pickup.

Belt or direct drive turntable?

In direct drive, the axis of the turntable is directly connected to the motor. The direct drive is often used in professional turntables. DJs can easily turn the record backward by hand.

The belt drive also works, but that’s not very good for the design. The motor continues to rotate normally and only the belt is decelerated. With permanent use, this is not necessarily positive for the material. When Reibradantrieb the turntable is driven by a wheel inside. However, this drive variant is rarely encountered.

Turntable with audio connections

As you have already learned, turntables can also be connected to your PC with standard RCA and jack plugs. The recording process then takes place completely over the sound card of your computer. If you are satisfied with the recording quality of your computer and the turntable is later to do its work again at a music system, you can safely do without a USB turntable.

Turntable with USB

The device generation of turntables with USB is relatively young. Once connected to the computer, however, these devices are not recognized as a turntable, but as an external sound card. This works very well, but of course does not replace any additional audio hardware because only the signal of the line-in is available from the turntable and there are no further inputs or outputs.

Your Complete Guide to the Best Budget Turntables

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