Make no mistake about it, the first time a resident doctor told my crew that we needed to invest in a hoverboard for the hospital, a lot of people laughed.

Well, after a few months of trying this out and seeing the impact on not only patients, but the guests of those patients, we have come to the conclusion that the idea was not crazy at all. In fact, it made all the sense in the world. The doctor who made that suggestion basically got it right.

For the longest time, western medicine was all about the body. That’s all western medicine obesessed about. It’s all about figuring out things that could be measured, sliced and diced, put up on a chart, and otherwise converted into some sort of predictable grid.

Now, this fact-based and number-based chemical grounded orientation of medicine led to great breakthroughs.

I’m not going to take anything away from western medicine. It has created a massive amount of positive change in the world because now people aren’t dying of cholera. People are not dying of measles. People do not have to fear for their lives when their kids get mumps.

But with that said, the heavy focus on the body and the chemicals that are just bombarding the body left the mind out of the equation.

And it turns out, after extensive research, that the mind has to be part of the equation. It has to be part of the picture. Otherwise, major pieces of the puzzle are left out and recovery takes far longer than it needs to. In fact, in some cases, recovery doesn’t even happen.

I know it’s hard to believe, but even if all the right chemicals are there and even if all the right regimens are followed, it simply just doesn’t pan out because the patient’s mind isn’t aligned with the care that that person is getting.

This is why it’s really important to always get the patients mentally and emotionally engaged to create some sort of wellness atmosphere. It’s this atmosphere that, in accordance with the proper biochemical inputs and medical protocols, that lead to improved outcomes.

That’s doctor speak for getting people to think the right way so the drugs that they are taking gets them out of the hospital sooner. That’s plain English.

Regardless of what you prefer, you need to get people to have the right mindset. And believe me, our resident doctor’s suggestion of having staff ride around hoverboards and having patients ride around hoverboards really created a lighter environment.

Let me tell you, often times, some of the most depressing interior spaces in the United States and elsewhere are in hospitals. It’s as if there is this ghost or specter of death that’s just floating in any room. It’s so thick that you can cut it. It’s so thick that it smothers you like some sort of blanket.

Of course, it’s invisible, but you can smell it. You can taste it. You can feel its presence. It’s really sad and depressing.

Well, when you see people riding around in hoverboards, it kind of upsets that. It breaks the old narrative and people’s minds start to get freed. This, then, can lead to better health outcomes. Who knew, right?

Entertain your recovering patients with the right hoverboard purchases

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