Now, why in the world would a self respecting boss buy his or her employees League of Legends accounts? Have you lost your mind? Don’t you care about the profitability or productivity of your company? Well, it really all boils down to context.

If you are going to be hosting yet another all too forgettable team building event, you might want to think twice. Now, I’m not saying that you should not go through with it. I’m saying that you should be a little bit more strategic with it. You have to give something that really lets your employees know that you truly care about them.

How do you know somebody truly cares about you? Well, it’s not how expensive their gifts are. In fact, if you want to be truly honest about it, gifts are all too forgettable.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you remembered an awesome gift your boss gave you? I would venture to guess that the answer is, like always, never. That’s the bottom line.

So what would really resonate with most people? To put it more bluntly, what would resonate with today’s working age population (I am, of course, talking about the millennials)? League of Legends. Seriously.

League of Legends is a massive game that has taken the world by storm. That is not an understatement, this is not hype, nor is it a gross exaggeration. It is just a cold, hard fact. And the sooner you confront this reality and work with it, the better off your organization would be.

Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you run a small mom and pop type of operation or you are middle management in a large multinational company that’s going places in your industry. You need to wrap your mind solidly around the needs of your millennial staff, otherwise, productivity will suffer. There will be all sorts of discontent, and it’s not going to end well for your company.

I know that sounds alarmist, but it is also absolutely true. You have to understand that we’re living in a different world. Gone are the days where people work for a company with the expectations that they will continue to work there until they reach retirement age. Those companies have gone belly up a long time ago.

Companies have the shelf life of the typical fruit fly. We’re talking about 24 hours tops. Again, that’s not an exaggeration. That’s how fast our economy is evolving. And this is why you really need to retain your top staff.

A lot of your millennial staff cannot be pleased the old fashioned way. You can’t just give them a car. You can’t just give them trinkets. They’re looking to be valued. They’re looking to be understood.

And this is why, in this context, giving your staff LoL accounts for sale in connection with a modernized and up to date team building-type of strategy can go a long way.

So do yourself a big favor, make sure your staff is properly entertained. Give them the appreciation and awareness and acknowledgment that they deserve. Get them LoL accounts for sale because you may think that this is a mystery to you, but they know what to do with those accounts.

Entertain your staff properly by buying them LoL accounts for sale

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