One of the biggest trends happening in the hospital industry is the idea of mental wellness. Mental wellness works from the assumption that there is a strong bond between mind and body.

Even if you were to pump the body with all sorts of life saving chemicals, if the person is not psychologically and emotionally well enough, it’s going to take a much longer time for the chemicals to do their thing.

Sometimes, the person may be so disoriented and so out of it that their health, regardless of the biochemical intervention done by the patient’s primary care physician takes a turn for the worse.

There is such a thing as a placebo effect and there is such a thing as psychosomatic symptoms. Our mind is much more influential as far as our health and wellness are concerned than we ever imagined.

And this is why a lot of hospitals are changing their architecture. Now, I’m not saying that the hospital change are demolishing old hospital buildings to put up new ones. That’s taking things to the extreme.

While there are newer health maintenance organizations that are starting from scratch using this design philosophy, older hospital systems put composite decking or some other outdoor elements in their recovery areas or in their publicly viewable areas so patients can relax their minds.

It’s been scientifically proven that if you look at any nature scene or you surround yourself with anything that reminds you of nature, you tend to relax more. You tend to reconnect with the inner peace and serenity that you’re capable of achieving all by yourself.

In a way, by investing in composite decking or other outdoor related cosmetic effects, hospitals spur or jumpstart the internal healing mind-based systems patients already have. More and more hospitals are waking up to the strong interconnection between frame of mind and physical or medical outcomes. Indeed, there have been many cases of people who got the right kind of medical help at the right time but were still unable to recover or they recovered very slowly.
The reason? Their mindset. People with a positive mental attitude are more likely to recover faster and recover in a far more dramatic way. If you ever get told that ‘it’s all in your head,’ you should not be dismissive. Indeed, you are just hearing some cold hard truth. Our minds determine our lives to a large extent.

By aligning the mind with the body, wellness can be pushed along. People can become healthier. People can be in a better state of mind and this can lead to more inner peace and faster recovery times.

If you run a hospital, you know that the name of the game is faster recovery time.

Even hospitals can benefit from composite decking

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