A healthy body helps you to stay focused at your work and it helps you to be more productive. People who have healthy body tend to achieve their goals faster than those who are suffering from various bodily ailments. Thus, it is very imperative to take great care of your physique as it helps you to stay ahead in the game.

In St Joe Missouri, residents who are suffering from bodily ailments take advice from expert physiotherapists who have years of experience in correcting various physical ailments. If you are suffering from some physical injury or pain then you can consult Vein Clinic Located in St Joe Missouri. You will be able to acquire genuine medical facilities for blood clots, varicose, spider, chronic insufficiency of veins etc.

What are the symptoms of varicose vein?
At first varicose veins may not be painful, they might appear dark blue in color and have twisted or bulging appearance on your leg. If proactive measures aren’t taken then the patient’s condition can worsen and he or she can experience severe pain. Patients who suffer from this disease usually complaint about burning sensation and muscle cramps on the lower legs. The pain can enhance after a prolonged period of sitting and standing. In some cases, these veins even get hardened and cause bleeding which needs immediate medical supervision.

What are the main causes of this disease?
There are several factors which contribute to varicose vein disease. Few of them are as follows:

It mostly occurs in pregnant women
During pregnancy, the level of blood increases in the body but blood can’t transmit properly from lower legs to the pelvis. The size of fetus results in varicose problem thus most of the women suffer from this physical ailment during late pregnancy months.

It usually occurs during old age
With age, veins lose their elasticity and valves become weak which affects the proper blood circulation inside the body.

What are the complications related to this disease?
People also suffer from different types of bodily ailments because of this disease which includes blood clots and ulcers. People who suffer from varicose vein tend to have swollen legs because the veins lose their elasticity. If medical facilities aren’t taken right away then it may lead to severe blood clot. People who suffer from this disease usually suffer from ulcer formation near the veins which worsen the level of pain in the lower leg.

Necessary precautions against this disease
Physiotherapists will help you to overcome the disease by prescribing several light exercises for legs which enhance the blood circulation. You will also be given specific diet chart viz. high fiber and low salt diet with the help of which you can alleviate the swelling in your lower legs. It is advisable not to wear high heels if you are suffering from varicose veins or it will worsen the condition. Physiotherapists also advise patients not to wear tight clothing and to keep their legs straight while laying down as it will help in proper blood flow.

Take Genuine Help From Physiotherapists For Varicose Vein Disease

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