While a large percentage of people don’t have an idea what Pickleball is, this particular sport has made lots of active adult communities very busy. According to the best pickleball paddle reviews, tracing its origin to Bainbridge island far back as 1965, pickleball got its name from Joel Pritchard. This man was very much interested in entertaining his two children who were bored, thus inspiring him to pick up a waffle ball and a ping-pong paddle, what is now known as Pickleball paddle and somewhat began a trend beyond what he had imagined. Regardless of the fact that this phenomenon started on another side of the country, the people in the southern part still can’t get enough of the fun sport.

Though tennis used to top the chart as the main event at active adult communities, pickleball courts are getting much more attention than they used to and they are taking the lead over tennis courts. Majority of the Florida retirement communities did modifications to their tennis courts and had it transformed to pickleball courts. They did this just so that they can bring a reduction to the long lines the long sport was attracting and at the same time please their residents.

Basics of the Sport
A net is used in dividing the pickleball courts into zones; borrowing parts from table tennis, badminton and tennis. Another equipment required is solid pickleball paddles, that are similar in appearance to large table tennis paddles and plastic ball that is perforated like a waffle ball.

The court is split into two by a net that is 34 inch and the court is 44 feet by 20 feet. Volleying is not in anyway permitted but only immediately after the serve or not in the non-volley zone, which is seven feet from the net. The minute play commences, the ball must be returned to the opposite side prior to two bounces. Players are free to make use of their hand or the paddle to have contact with the ball since the hand is more like an extension of a paddle. The deciding factor of the winner is the first team to reach Eleven points by two points.

Why the Pickleball Phenomenon?
According to best pickleball paddle reviews, owing to the fact that players don’t require to be excellent athletes to participate in the sport, pickleball welcomes just about anybody to play. Owing to the fact that it is played on a court just about the size of a badminton court, which is quarter the size of a tennis court, you can have more courts in the same amount of space. This will give more people more opportunity to enjoy the game at one time. The smaller court also signifies that there is less ground to be covered, thus making it less of a cardio-friendly sport and having it easy on the legs and joints.

It is important you are aware of the fact that Florida retirement communities make fun activities one among their top priorities, thus pickleball is an ideal option since it welcomes either singles or doubles for play. Unlike tennis that is served overhand, which is somewhat difficult for many, pickleball is served underhanded. One thing that tennis and pickleball have in common is that the ball can be hit or volleyed right after one bounce.

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: Examining the Popularity of Pickleball

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