When it comes to hunting for a cheap mattress, it is important to find valuable information about mattresses to enable you to make an informed decision on the best cheap mattress that suits your needs and budget. In view of this, there are different sizes and varieties of mattresses that you need to take into consideration.

Listed below are the standard sizes of all mattresses available on the marketplace:

  • Full – 54″ x 75
  • Twin – 39″ x 75″
  • Queen – 60″ x 80″
  • King – 78″ x 80″
  • College Dorms – longer than a normal twin with 5″
  • California King – 72″ x 84″
  • Day-bed and Trundle – has the same size as twins

Now, when it comes to the thickness of the mattresses, the basic requirement is 7″ deep, but due to the modern pillow top versions that are currently in vogue, the size can go for 24″. Always remember this whenever you choose any cheap mattress, as it may not have the same thickness as evident in high-quality mattresses. If you have a bed with more height, I suggest that you opt for a mattress with more height.

There are four common types of mattresses available for you to select:

Spring Mattresses
When it comes to spring mattress, I suggest that you lay more emphasis on the coils. Higher gauge results into thinner springs in the spring compartment thereby affecting the firmness and strength of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses
What gives you sound sleep? The answer is the density of the foam in this variety of bed. Denser foam results into stronger and firmer mattress. An average density is in the range of three to six pounds density. If you intend to get a firmer mattress, then you opt for a density of at least five pounds.

Latex Foam Mattress
Do you have an allergy? In case you have one, this product is recommended for you. Latex is known to cater for people with mold allergies or dust mite. Asides this, it is durable and will last for a very long time.

Air Mattress
Due to the advancement of technology, air mattresses have greatly improved and are growing in popularity. They are a cheaper alternative to standard mattresses and can be perfect for spare rooms.

When looking to purchase a cheap mattress, there are numerous stores to purchase from both from online stores and the offline ones. Some of the online stores offer amazing deals on several cheap mattresses. All you need to do is to browse and look for the best deals using Google.

When you are shopping for cheap mattresses, you need to check several features like brands, sizes and extra values like free gifts and extended warranty that comes with the bed. There are several ways of looking for cheap mattresses both online and offline. Instead of expending lots of money to purchase your mattress, research and look for the cheap and profitable ones. Another excellent way to get the best deal in form of price reduction is through the price promise policies. If you make use of all these points as highlighted above, I assure that you will end up locating the best cheap mattress at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Proceed to the next store to make your purchase after carrying out a well-detailed research.

Essential Considerations for Buying the Best Cheap Mattress

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