Vlogging was somewhat limited to a particular group of YouTubers that caught the wing of a market trend that is growing, thus leading to the recent explosive growth of both professional and amateur vloggers. There are many vloggers that make use of their smartphones to capture daily life activities, there are some individuals that might want to upgrade their gear by investing in a decent camera for lengthier videos and better audio capturing. There are thousands of top rated vlogging cameras available in the market, fortunately, we have assisted in going through the different options to choose the best vlogging camera available.

If you more of a travel vlogger, you will appreciate having a camera that can have your latest contents (videos) transferred without any hassle with wires. Majority of the models that are listed offer Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning that you can pair them with your smartphone, Laptop or tablet wirelessly and have your different footages transferred. Some other camera can do something similar using NFC, that’s if your smartphone has such functionality.

There are certain camera models that have partner smartphone applications, varying in their different complexity. It is best you choose one with advanced modes and you will get features like quick compilation and auto-editing settings, thus reducing the stress of post-processing and offering more time to shoot contents for your fans.

Image stabilization
Vlogging most times refers to shooting on the move, without the hassle of a tripod. Whether on foot or in the back of a car or holding the camera in your hand, stabilization of images offers great benefits – most especially for panning shots that are hand-held.

What this technology does is that it limits the impact of camera movement or hand-shake, thus offering a footage that is less shaky and smoother. There are different types of stabilization, and the major difference being between electronic (where the camera counters the movement digitally) and physical (where the sensor or lens moves), but the final result is what they have in common, a footage that is less jerky.

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are limits to how effective this technology is when there is violent movement – if you are on the running, for instance – so many advancements have been made with electronic stabilization that there are models that are capable of leveling out any kind of clips, even the bumpiest of clips.

Focal length
The versatility of the lens has improved so much over the last 10 years, however, it is worth considering how you want to shoot when you have chosen your companion for vlogging.
If perchance you will be filming handheld, there is no doubt that you’ll require a wide angle lens, which is very much equivalent to 12mm – 18mm. What this means is that you have the capacity of capturing wider scenes from a close distance and shakes from the camera will not be too obvious.
If on the other hand, you are planning on shooting with a tripod, it is best you give consideration to something that is close to 50mm.

Battery life
On a final note, when choosing the best vlogging camera, it is worth taking note of the battery life of your chosen vlogging companion. If you are interested in shooting all day, it is without a doubt important that you get a model that can work for long durations.

Essential Considerations when Buying the Best Vlogging Camera

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