There is no doubt that everyone out there loves riddles. The question actually is – what makes a great puzzle or brain teaser? A riddle employs language in puzzling the reader by providing a conundrum or enigma. It is important you are aware of the fact that great riddles come in different categories like kids, funny, easy, difficult, tricky, match, ‘what am I’ kind of riddles and much more. Check out for a great collection of riddles.

There is no doubt that riddles have been popular and have existed for thousands of years. They predate the Greek empire and the writing of the Bible. This implies that the concept of riddles and riddles are over 1500 years old. Studies have proved that one riddle has its origin in a math problem as far back as 1650BC, but the riddle was actually written earlier than that. The initial problem was expected as a math problem, there was no expectation of a riddle.

Funny riddles will without a doubt make you laugh and at the same time drill you mentally. These kind of riddles are best for entertainment when you are on an outing with your family.

Kids riddles were formulated to be solved by just kids and they are without a doubt very easy. Riddles in the form of brain teasers and puzzles can assist in developing problem-solving skills, most especially in children.

Difficult riddles, on the other hand, require lots of comprehension, reasoning and brain power. These hard riddles have the capacity to drive you crazy most times, but one thing that’s for certain is that you will be forced to think right out of the box.

Easy riddles require less time and thought to get them solved and it is an interesting means to kill time. Young children will without a doubt appreciate easy riddles. These Riddles are the best way to keep the kids having fun and occupied at the same time.

Math puzzles will provide great entertainment to most especially the “left-brained” individuals, owing to the fact that math puzzles have foundations in math concepts and these people are more objective, analytical and logical.

Logic riddles, on the other hand, are formulated from the field of deduction in mathematics. You really don’t have to get yourself all worked up to the extent of thinking out of the box. These Riddles can be solved with pure logic. Have you at any point in time heard of Einstein’s 5 houses brain teaser? Rumour got around that Einstein formulated this riddle that is impossibly difficult when he was just a kid. In order to think it through, you need a lot of patience.

Tricky riddles are nothing deceptive and crafty. They can have you fooled if you are not able very careful because they use a play on words.

“What am I” riddles require that you identify whatsoever is being described by the riddle. These Riddles will trick you when they play with words.

One excellent way of exercising for just about any age group is solving riddles. For older individuals, it helps them in thinking about things deeply and it will make their minds sharp. For children, it will help in improving their ability for deductive reasoning. For the rest of us, riddles is just a means with which we kill time, keep our minds sharp, have fun and train ourselves on thinking outside the box.

How to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills through Riddles

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