The best looper pedals are not in any way novice but they are not quite old hand either. They come in a wide variety of weights, shapes and with varying features. Even for those that seem to have lots of knowledge on pedals, getting a good pedal can seem very difficult. It actually depends on your needs and requirements. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best looper pedals on the market.

RC-30 Looper Pedal (Boss)

The RC-30 is without a doubt a product design and it is manufactured in Japan. It is multitrack and it is a twin-pedaled looper. You will find that there are two synchronized tracks along with select buttons and volume faders. You can choose to customize the loops and give them that special sound you desire with the built-in effects.

The best things with the RC-30 is the fact that it has a very generous memory compared to its counterparts in the market. You can record up to about 3 hours of stereo which is very much sufficient for those who make use of it quite frequently. In addition, there are 99 onboard memory phases that are useful in storing the loops. The weight of the Boss RC-30 is manageable with the looper weighing about 4 lbs.

TC Electronic Guitar Looper Pedal

If perchance you are a guitarist in search of a looper that understands you, there is no doubt about the Ditto being exactly what you need. It is manufactured while having the needs of the guitarist in mind. You get just 300 seconds of loops, and there is no number on the number of retakes and undos. The overdubs on the Boss RC-30 are unlimited, so there are lots of possibilities at your fingertips.

The RC-30 requires powers at least 8.5 Volts with 100mA current. This guitar looper pedal also features analog dry through and true bypass, thus allowing your signal sound as pure as it came out and stay intact. For the guitarist who wants absolute control, the RC-30 is the perfect choice for them. The RC-30 is without a doubt high quality and it is the result of the manufacturer’s unending efforts to have guitarist involved in the process of understanding their own needs. The Ditto without a doubt works well for bass too.

Digitech JMSXT Solo XT

The Digitech JMSXT has solved all the memory issues and the capacity issues for a looper pedal. The stereo recording time for the Digitech JMSXT is quite generous but the icing on the cake is that you can have it extended. The built-in stereo recording time for the Digitech JMSXT is 2100 seconds with loops in 200 internal memories.

Nonetheless, you have an optional SDHC option, just in case you are interested in increasing the CD quality loops by another 200 memories. What that means is that you can have 16 hours of stereo recording time. If you intend on connecting MP3 or CD players to play music, there is an aux input. The overall build for the Digitech JMSXT is metal and it is very rugged, so durability is guaranteed. It is important you are aware that everything happens on the fly as it seems very easy to have rhythm loops recorded and then solo over them. You can connect multiple loopers to come up with a multi-looping system when using the JamSync.

Best Guitar Loop Pedal: A Look at Some Top Picks

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