When looking for a new condo, some facilities simply must be as close as possible. Yes, there are a lot of them, including malls and movie theaters, but two are even more important. They are hospitals or medical facilities and schools. Piermont grand is located in a great location and it meets the latest requirements regarding safety and education. It is close to a hospital and a school.

1.8 miles to a hospital

Piermont grand EC is literally very close to the hospital. It is 1.8 miles away from Sengkang General Hospital. These are good news. The hospital in question is one of the biggest in whole of Singapore and based on the latest technology. It is also known as one of the best hospitals in this corner of the globe and the staff is extremely professional. The hospital provides countless procedures, you can always make an appointment when needed and it uses the latest technology available in the world of medicine.

Not a single person in the world wants to go to a hospital or to pay any attention to it unless mandatory. However, when looking for a new home, choosing a place which is close to a hospital or a medical facility is very important. It can make a massive difference at some point in your life. Another benefit is the cost of the apartment when you want to sell it. Apartments closer to a medical facility are more expensive and they are more desirable to the other residents. We can say it is a game changer.

School close to the condominium

Punggol Cove Primary School is located 500 yards from the condominium. Same like the hospital we mentioned earlier, this school is new, fresh, comes with great teachers and it is considered to be one of the most desirable schools in Singapore.

The location of the school is the next best thing. It is just a few yards away from condominium and it is located in a safe part of Singapore. Families with small children who are looking for a new home will appreciate this fact and they will want to get a flat as soon as possible. We can expect to see a rush between the families precisely due to the location of the school.

The school can be seen from a condominium, which is a major advantage for some parents. If this is the key ingredient, make sure to ask for an apartment that is located on the same side as the school and you can get the ultimate residence.

The final word

We still believe that the two main facilities close to the Piermont grand are school and a hospital. You will need both of them, at some point in your life and you will need to use the maximum benefit of living next to one. There are countless, other facilities close the condominium and each one is important in its own way, but these two are almost mandatory.

Hospitals Or Medical Facilities And Schools Close To The Piermont Grand

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