Medicom leadership: Dr. Benoit Hubert, guided the clinic over the years with his strategic planning, team management and project planning healthcare skills.

The Board of Directors dealt with business strategy, planning and development coping with marketing strategy and management consulting.Our medical team consists of twelve doctors, two biochemists, seventeen assistants and five aid workers.
Pediatric medical team consists of three doctors and five nurses mayors, whom work in guard rotation regime. The pediatric part of the clinic is permanently open to every possible collaboration with doctors from other clinics.

Orthopaedic medical team is composed of four doctors, two of whom work in the general clinic and two of them working with trauma. They are assisted by five nurses and two nurses aids.

Last but not least, pediatric orthopedic surgery department consists of 5 doctors, two of which are severe trauma specialized surgeons, six nurses and three nurse aids. Some of our medical team is working one of six months to the other two clinics in Italy and Switzerland through collaboration, so we are in touch with the latest and the most advanced technologies. Given our good cooperation with other countries over the years, Medicom has the opportunity to bring doctors from other clinics to successfully handle complex casuistry together with our team.

You can make sure Medicom pediatric part takes care of your baby’s health! The role of the department of pediatrics is to care for the health of children and adolescents, ensuring your peace and other’s parents who trust our specialists. Patients aged between 0 and 18 and are cared for by the most experienced multidisciplinary team with pediatricians dedicated. Using the latest technology, physicians work together for a quick diagnosis for little patients. In Medicom Department of Pediatrics, the most important aspect is to provide comfort to children so they can easily have confidence in our doctors. Therefore, parents or close relatives of the children may remain with the children in the hospital to encourage them and support them throughout treatment. Each patient is monitored by a nurse who constantly communicate with your pediatrician.