Our targets for measurement of patient satisfaction and proposals to improve medical and non medical activity resulted from processing questionnaires. Our feedback in the last five years was nothing but positive, patients declaring that they would definitely come back to our clinic if something occurs.
We managed all that by implementing procedures (practice guidelines published by the Ministry of Health) and monitoring their implementation step by step, following precisely all the steps to a fully accredited clinic. Our new target is to make medical packages for private health insurance.

We want to occupy first place on the market of healthcare providers in France and we will do so to raise the standards of our services, by meeting all the necessary performance goals: quality, timeliness, reliability, flexibility and last but not least the best price for the best service. Medicom wants to become the first choice for medical services. Our mission is to dedicate our work to achieve some qualitative changes to health services. Values we believe in are: teamwork, fairness, creativity, innovation, flexibility, improved quality of life.

Based on identification, each patient will be given a personalized magnetic card that can be used to electronically access archived medical records. The card serves both as a mean of identification, but at the same time provides security and confidentiality, personal medical records being accessed only in this way.

Our doctors and pediatricians are proponents of preventive medicine this means that our ┬ápatient’s evolution is tracked using proper diet programs, weight, waist and prevention through vaccinations recognized in Europe and the US. Wanting to take care of your health, we assure you of our full effort you can benefit from high quality services at the highest standards, preventing and warning you of the risks that you are exposed to. Together we seek and we find solutions to maintain excellent physically and mentally tonus.

For Medicom the patient’s safety is always the priority which is why we continuously implement the newest and most efficient systems which help us offer you the best conditions.There is a whole series of factors that contribute to the safety of medical procedures from special paint used for the hospital walls, the special antibacterial flooring, recycling air filtration and microbiological purification, operating theaters using central special air treatment, HEPA filters and laminar flow systems dedicated to critical areas (operating theaters and intensive care) disposal circuits for infected materials also using antiseptic and disinfectant products.In addition, the hospital has an automatic alarm, which detects each trace of smoke or fire making the evacuation of the building immediately possible. Both walls of hallways and doorways can withstand fire for 120 minutes. Also, the fire can not spread outside the areas that close behind fire. The underground parking space has sprinklers and smoke exhaust systems. The amount of water is ensured by indoor automatic firefighters, of our own two hundred tons of water pools, and a pumping station for external hydrants. The clinic is also fitted with an outside evacuation staiway.

We believe that the medical act is a form of loving our neighbors and the things we do for the good of others are important not only for those in need, but for each of us, in building a better world. All persons must receive medical services and a chance at a decent life.