Department of Pediatrics includes day care for children. It has been specially designed for rapid diagnosis and optimal treatment application without lengthy hospital admission.   For renal diseases of the urinary system that can affect the growth and development of children, a team of experts with specialization in Pediatric Nephrology Pediatrics, provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Pediatric consultants of Medicom Department of Pediatrics primarily provide the necessary time quietly approaching the problem, highlighting all risk factors and individual characteristics to the family. We also provide access to other medical specialties thereby permitting a multidisciplinary approach – necessary for a correct diagnosis and adequate care, yet unified. Pediatrics coordination team, will be analyzing each information and developing a well sustained medical treatment plan.
Department of Pediatrics of Medicom healthcare includes 24/7 emergency line dedicated.


Medicom Orthopedics Department for orthopedic or surgical treatment provides treatment for fractures in children and adolescents. It offers treatment for closed or open fractures(we have equipped the device with X-ray image amplifier), but also interventions for muscles, tendons, menisci and ligaments ruptures. Our team has been operating and provides surgical cure for arthritis, tumors, forefoot deformities, recurrent shoulder dislocations, Dupuytren’s disease, articular infiltrations with viscoelastic solutions, but also medical services and activities regarding  primary total hip prosthesis / cemented or hybrid treatment of femoral neck fractures, hemiarthroplasty or bipolar prosthesis type for trochanteric fractures and subtrochanteric massive specific implants, fixation of long bones with rod or rods of elastic latch, type I-III open fractures with external type Hoffman fixators.

All in all the surgery department provides a wide range of utilities such as cabinets for ambulatory surgery, dressing rooms, intensive care salons, complex monitoring system and air conditioning, septic and aseptic operating chambers, modern air conditioning, heating system and exhaust functional system- inside air cleaning, lighting. The septic area is consisting of:  five operating rooms (four rooms for general surgery and one orthopedic surgery room), one surgery instruments room, one operating room for video assisted surgery, space for proper pre-anesthetic, the operating theater, video-assisted system for endoscopic surgery – Gastrointestinal endoscopy compartment equipped with video monitoring, central oxygen facility for each  operator room and isolated warehouse of pressure vessels.

The anesthesia equipment: resuscitation equipment, sterilizing equipment, air conditioning in the operating rooms, mobile EKG monitor and accessories, aerosol devices and devices for bipolar electrocoagulation, assisted ventilation devices, portable suction, constant pursuit of bio monitoring during interventions, mobile radiological apparatus for locating in surgery, surgical aspirators modern operating lamps, and modern radiology service, defibrillators and air conditioning sources.