Medicom aims to cover all medical and surgical specialties in order to support multidisciplinary approach and conditions of safety and comfort for both patients and medical staff, which will equate to the highest European medical standards.

What if a hospital would seem like a huge playground? If instead of scowling faces and hurried nurses, children should be welcomed by a warm and smiley medical team? If instead of drawing cold and uninviting, children would find a bright and colorful book, where they can stay with one of their parents. The playground is designed for children aged between 1 and 6 years. It is arranged on the ground floor and is equipped with slide, trampoline, box, mini-kitchen, pluses, cars, games and creative wall drawings.

All these games are for children up to age 5 and their aim is the development sensory, cognitive capabilities and language skills through play. Entire playground is covered with tiles of color soft material which provides a safe surface for walking and playing, they are warm, protect from slipping and absorb shocks of even very small impacts.

Children are supervised by qualified personnel, and parents can accompany the little ones to play or relax drinking coffee or tea in a space with sofas placed for them in the same room. Upstairs, they can play on Playstation or Wii, they can sing karaoke, draw or paint the tables. Both spaces are best featured for organizing children’s activities in an educational and fun way.The playground is daily open from Monday to Sunday.

The objectives of Medicom Clinic are: the initiation and development of projects, campaigns and events for the benefit of children, identifying and helping patients with serious conditions, social protection of children and parents in difficulty, development of educational projects and awareness campaigns. But the main purpose of the activity undertaken by our clinic is to provide the best healthcare for our patients, making the time spent here as pleasant as possible, supporting and giving a boost of professionalism  to the medical system in France. Therefore, we intend to develop our projects regularly to support quality increasing of health services by equipping hospitals with necessary equipment and medical staff open to less harmful and non stressing approach of the patient.

The entire medical staff: doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, general assistants, pharmacy, physiotherapy assistants, massage therapists, laboratory technicians, social workers, nurses form a cohesive team that works to meet the needs of patients. The team’s experts have comprehensive skills that include in addition to knowledge of medicine and psychology notions of patient with chronic disease caring, psychiatric, sociology, recovery or palliative social assistance. Special emphasis in our medical practice is on the quality of medical services offered, the quality of care provided, the result of a high professional and moral skills kept giving our mission. The quality of medical services offered are reflected in the quality indicators our hospital has accumulated in the past 5 years.

In order to comply with regulatory act and environmental legislation in force, Medicom pays close attention to environmental protection, investing in facilities and installations for retention, disposal and dispersion of pollutants, so that it impacts the environment to a minimum. Soil protection is ensured by concrete platforms, access alleys and parking lots. We also ensure selective collection of all waste generated providing special places which are settled by contracts with authorized operators, in order to surrender of such waste disposal or recycling it. Hospital waste specific to the surgery activity is collected and stored temporarily in an enclosed space, lined with restricted access, collection boxes and special disposable bags.