About MedicoMM

Medicom – one of the best medical centers worldwide providing orthopedic, pediatric, but also pediatric and orthopedic surgery. The clinic started its activity in July 2005, having the first therapy room in Lyon France and coping with orthopedic and pediatric emergencies, the patients being afterwards transferred to associated medical centers for recovery. In October 2007 a new recovery room started working fulltime inside Medicom.

After investing large amounts of European Funds, we managed extending our activity establishing three operating rooms and a new intensive care unit providing ten beds and professional suppliance including cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, all types of catheters, endotracheal tubes for mechanical ventilation, ventilation and nutrition all sustaining a correct basal metabolic rate on our patients respecting the newest Medical Guides.

Later, in 2011 the intensive care room has doubled its capacity providing twenty beds each capsule measuring a quite large space for every patient and steril equipment for family members. Regarding the cleaning and antiseptic part, our clinic features sterilising high tech equipment such as certified indoors autoclaves and laboratory products providing full time quality control.

Our Mission

The clinic is currently working round the clock, dealing with emergencies, but as we initially intended to work in private clinic regime, we try as much as possible to schedule every patient for minor examination or big interventions. This makes it easier to monitor even smallest details, so we can daily improve the treatment and therapy. Also, the professionalism that we showed up until moment was mainly due to extremely good organization and a detailed analysis of our patients, being able to keep them under observation for a long duration of time after surgery and even small interventions.

For over five years, we have been providing easier access to quality health care, free and unconditionally for socially excluded people The project contributes to improving the quality of life for both the direct beneficiaries, and their families.

Our Motto

Also, 80% of beneficiaries, medical and social support offered by the project represents a basic support during the transition period to the social reintegration of the patient, facilitating the process. The beneficiaries of social care services provided by Medicom Social Care part of Medicom clinic, are individuals and families with low income in difficulty from a financial standpoint. So those whose medical needs exceed the package guaranteed by federally insurance or have no opportunity to appeal to private clinics, will pay a small amount, depending on the service provided. The funds raised will thus ensure sustainable long-term projects like this.

The project involved an investment of 900,000 euros, including purchasing space, arranging and equipping the building with medical equipment and furniture. Clinic was completed in almost two years after the start of the project and was a challenge for the boarding table and all partners involved.

Editor's Thoughts

A Complete Guide To The Hair Implant in Cluj Napoca Romania

A bald head or one with the patches can be very distressing for any person. Not just men but women too suffer from hair loss. Although, there are many temporary solutions available in the market they are not much efficient and are a waste of money. You can consider undergoing the hair implant surgery which is recommended by many professionals. This process is done by a dermatological or plastic surgeon.

In Cluj Napoca, Romania, there are many experienced doctors who can help you in growing your hair back. Hair Implant in Cluj Napoca, Romania (click here to read more) has now become common as now advanced technological treatments are being used by the doctors to provide the best results to the patient.

Different types of procedures of hair implants

The surgery of hair transplant is done by removing follicles from the areas where it is still in growth and placing them at the areas with the scarcity of hair. This treatment is widely performed in two ways, viz. FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

FUE is the process of hair transplant in which each hair follicle is individually taken out by cutting around with the help of special tools and machines. It is a hefty task and takes a few hours to get completed. Doctors use numbing injections before starting the procedure thus it doesn’t cause any pain. In FUT, the whole strip is taken from the back or hairy region and then dissected and placed into different empty grafts or follicles.

You can consult your doctor about which procedure is best for you. They will clearly specify you the possible gains and problems about both the procedures according to your skin and hair conditions on the head.

Post and Pre Treatment Precautions

The treatment of hair transplant is a delicate procedure and needs good care and precautionary steps to get an efficient result. You have to make sure that you are following the proper steps as recommended, before and after the surgery.

Pre-treatment care – For the people who are going to have a FUT procedure need to do some exercises for at least one month before the surgery. They are asked to have at least 2-3cm long hair on the head before the surgery and they should not cut or trim it. While the people who are going to have FUE, have to shave off their hair completely before the surgery.

If you are having any supplement then you have to stop using it a week before the surgery. Also, you have to use a tea tree or any recommended shampoo a week before the surgery.

Post-treatment care – You have to spray the water solution on the treated areas i.e. transplanted area and donor area. You will get this solution by the doctor who has performed the surgery. Make sure that you are spraying in every 30mins and spray it vigorously. This process of spraying water solution has to be continued for the next 12 hours of the surgery. Drink as much water as you can, after the surgery.

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