Medicom – one of the best medical centers worldwide providing orthopedic, pediatric, but also pediatric and orthopedic surgery. The clinic started its activity in July 2005, having the first therapy room in Lyon France and coping with orthopedic and pediatric emergencies, the patients being afterwards transferred to associated medical centers for recovery. In October 2007 a new recovery room started working fulltime inside Medicom.

After investing large amounts of European Funds, we managed extending our activity establishing three operating rooms and a new intensive care unit providing ten beds and professional suppliance including cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, all types of catheters, endotracheal tubes for mechanical ventilation, ventilation and nutrition all sustaining a correct basal metabolic rate on our patients respecting the newest Medical Guides.

Later, in 2011 the intensive care room has doubled its capacity providing twenty beds each capsule measuring a quite large space for every patient and steril equipment for family members. Regarding the cleaning and antiseptic part, our clinic features sterilising high tech equipment such as certified indoors autoclaves and laboratory products providing full time quality control.

The clinic is currently working round the clock, dealing with emergencies, but as we initially intended to work in private clinic regime, we try as much as possible to schedule every patient for minor examination or big interventions. This makes it easier to monitor even smallest details, so we can daily improve the treatment and therapy.Also, the professionalism that we showed up until moment was mainly due to extremely good organization and a detailed analysis of our patients, being able to keep them under observation for a long duration of time after surgery and even small interventions.

For over five years, we have been providing easier access to quality health care, free and unconditionally for socially excluded people The project contributes to improving the quality of life for both the direct beneficiaries, and their families. Also, 80% of beneficiaries, medical and social support offered by the project represents a basic support during the transition period to the social reintegration of the patient, facilitating the process. The beneficiaries of social care services provided by Medicom Social Care part of Medicom clinic, are individuals and families with low income in difficulty from a financial standpoint. So those whose medical needs exceed the package guaranteed by federally insurance or have no opportunity to appeal to private clinics, will pay a small amount, depending on the service provided. The funds raised will thus ensure sustainable long-term projects like this.




The project involved an investment of 900,000 euros, including purchasing space, arranging and equipping the building with medical equipment and furniture. Clinic was completed in almost two years after the start of the project and was a challenge for the boarding table and all partners involved.

Personal Pet Visitation – Using a Dog Playpen    

Your pet is an essential part of your family and there are chances that your pet may play an important part in your recovery from illness or injury. Our Patient’s Family/Personal Pet Visitation Policy allows you to get a visit from your pet provided that they are in a dog playpen or pet carrier during the visitation.

The first part of the process is to request a pet visit by contacting Pastoral care services from 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday through (415) 800-5000.

During Your Pet’s Hospital Visit

  • 33_22_dog_playpemMake sure you are on time
  • Transport your pet in a pet carrier or dog playpen where possible and leash the dogs always. The pet must be under your supervision all through the visit. Do not tie your pet to furniture or equipment or give the leash to other people to hold.
  • A Chaplain will put a sign on your door, asking visitors and staff to check with a nurse before going into the room.
  • You must always be with the pet and in control.
  • If you need to place your pet on the bed, put another sheet (which will be given to you) on the bed.
  • If your pet has an accident during the visit, please clean it up instantly:
  • Soak up all pet urine with paper towels and pick up paper towels or excrement with a plastic bag. Invert and tie the bag securely before placing in the trash.
  • Wash your hands immediately
  • Inform the patient’s nurse or the escort from Pastoral Care to notify housekeeping.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly at the end of your visit and before exiting the patient’s room.
  • When you are about to leave the patient’s room, inform the nurse to contact the Pastoral Care escort on a pager, and they will see you out of the medical center through designated routes. Allow about 15 minutes before the Pastoral Care escort is notified.



Battle of the fur: Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Due to an invasion of natural cleaners, a lot of homes don’t store rubber gloves around like they did in the past, but they could very well be the cheapest and easiest method of removing pet hair from chairs, sofas, and vehicles. Pet hair sticks to clothing and furniture. If you’re having guests over for a dinner party, a couch covered in hair does not give the most appealing sight, particularly if there’s someone with allergies. Pet hair also presents a hassle when it clings to work clothing. While a lot of people use lint rollers or tape, some people use disposable gloves. However, the best vacuum for pet hair is the best choice.

riccar-petIn the absence of a vacuum or if you cannot afford one, using a pair of gloves can be a good way of doing it. Simply put on a glove, make it wet, then run it over the upholstery or fabric. The hair will cling to the glove and they can then be rinsed off. This tried and trusted technique of pet hair removal does not involve any gimmicks or tricks.

All that is required is a pair of the usual rubber gloves that can be seen in the cleaning aisle of your local store or grocer. Slide them on and give your car interior, clothing, or sofa a good rub down which should lift the fur and make it cling to the glove. The next thing you do is to simply dip your hand in water which will make the hair unstick and float atop the water. You can then collect and dispose of the hair. Of course, it is possible to take out the extra fur without water, but as fans of the easiest and quickest method possible besides using the best vacuum for pet hair, this works a treat with water.

Why HALF of men get ‘man breasts’ and how to eliminate them for good: Gynexol Reviews

Man boobs, moobs – whatever you want to call Gynaecomastia – affects 50% of the male population. They are more prevalent than you want to imagine, however, the root cause is more than lifestyle and diet. It could affect teenage males going through the delights of growing pains, obese men of any age and older men. Moobs lead to a lot of self-consciousness and unease amidst the fact that they are mostly the subject of a lot of humor and a lot of gynexol reviews on the internet to the extent that a  Google search for ‘moobs’ shows a lot of articles counseling people how best to eliminate them.

However is this possible at all? And – more essentially – what is the root cause of Gynaecomastia at first?

Estrogen vs. Testosterone

While, as previously mentioned, men irrespective of the age and at all stages can see themselves with boobs, there is one reason for this especially. It’s not compulsorily a lack of exercise or poor diet. It’s as a result of hormones. Breast tissue may develop leading to an imbalance between the female hormone (estrogen) and male sex hormone (testosterone). For adolescents, the dominance of the estrogen hormone levels results in man breasts due to the fact that a teenage boy encounters a drop in testosterone.

Just like what is obtainable with a majority of the hormonal imbalances, this one specifically might clear up with age. Older men may see a breast size increase as a result of their testosterone levels dropping around the age of 20. These crazy hormones are not the only factors as others include alcohol abuse, cannabis, heavy steroid use, and amphetamines.  Therefore what can be done? Reduction surgery for male breasts is on the rise, but checking out some gynexol reviews may be a big help.





Finding Us on the White Pages or Pages Blanches

If you feel ill then the most appropriate starting point is always your medical doctor or physician who are trained to assess, treat, and manage, a lot of health issues within the community. Your physician can refer you to the local community health service or elsewhere as required if they are not able to manage the illness themselves. If you need to find a physician, you can use the White Pages or Pages Blanches, Physicians and Medical doctors are listed under Medical Centers and Medical Practitioners.

To find a mental health professional or therapist working with MediComm, you can either look through the Health Pages for private psychiatrists that practice nationwide or look under Psychotherapy, Psychology, and Counselling Services under the White Pages.

unnamed23To use the White Pages, visit any of the online sites providing such services. They usually offer four search categories namely Business, People, Address, and Phone. Fill in your search terms in a category, then click on the search button for the results to be listed. You must fill in a valid location or contact information to get results.

To use the Phone option, fill in a valid phone number, then click on the search icon. The directory gives results highlighting the name and location of a service provider. The site could also generate a map to show the exact location of a business, other phone numbers are also presented.

Searching for a business name is as easy as entering the business name or the category which the business falls under in addition to where they are presently located. The Pages Blanches site displays the address, distance from the location presented when a search was done for the business, and the business neighborhood.

Making a Choice: Drug Rehab Florida

One of the significant decisions, when you or a loved one needs to choose a drug rehab Florida facility, is making a decision about Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab. A lot of people are quick to go with outpatient rehab with the belief that it will be less expensive and less demanding. While this is true sometimes, studies have shown that those deciding to go with residential treatment in a 48-day, 6o-day or 90-day program are highly unlikely to suffer a relapse in the long term. Anywhere you decide to seek rehabilitation, making a choice is always the first step.

1471288783-rsz_facility1Deciding to stay back in your home city can be the wrong choice because you are still surrounded by the circumstances and individuals that led to the alcohol and drug abuse in the first instance. Especially if you’re considering executive or private options, there are usually added advantages and benefits to regarding a long rehab stay as a break that’d involve going outside Florida. A lot of the well-liked treatment centers have sites and services that give them the feel of a four-star hotel so rehabilitation can be both enjoyable and therapeutic. Ultimately, the final decision is yours.

When residents of Florida pursue treatment for alcohol and drug dependence, the name of their drug of choice is queried, and irrespective of the different types of substances a patient may have abused in their lifetime, there is often one that most patients predominantly struggle with. In Florida, the favorite drugs of choice by popularity are:

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates except for heroin (prescription painkillers such as Percocet, OxyContin, etc.)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Stimulants
  • Tranquilizers
  • Sedatives

If you’re uncertain about finding a drug rehab Florida program for a loved one who’s addicted, there are lots of different kinds of rehabilitation options to select from and that can be confusing, particularly when you’re in the middle of a crisis.

Staying Safe While Using the Lenkmatten or Power Kite

There are numerous varieties of kite available and the lenkmatten, also known as the power kite, provides an exciting rush to people who take part in one or more variants of this popular pastime. All the same, it’s essential that you receive instruction from a trainer who’s qualified if you’re a newbie to the sport and also that you recognize the inherent dangers in the sport.

Individuals who fail to realize the limitations of their kite plus their own limitations or who decide to fly in conditions that are dangerous apart from putting themselves at risk are also putting others in harm’s way.

Conditions that are excessively windy have the potential to take even an expert kiter off course resulting in collisions with objects in water, power lines, buildings, and other vertical objects that are stationary, so it’s vital that you are aware of all the potential hazards before flying and possess the necessary expertise to pilot the power kite.

These are three of the important tips to follow:

Read the Instructions

All power kites that have been approved will feature their own safety manual and specially designed instructions. Since power kites may be designed differently to suit the kind of activity you want to pursue, it’s imperative that you study these instructions cautiously as they can be specific to your kite.

Gentle Winds First

Don’t attempt to run before you can walk. This means you should try out a kite in gentle winds first. This enables you to gain control and learn how the kite works. Once you’ve mastered flying your kite in light winds and established a degree of confidence in your capability to handle it, then you can move on to windier conditions.

On the Water

If you’re planning on using your lenkmatten on or around water, you’ll also require strong swimming skills with a lot of confidence in your ability to swim back to shore even when you’re tired and wearing a wetsuit.

What to Look for When Deciding on Shoes for Flat Feet Women

When you initially start out on a journey to choose the ideal pair of best shoes for flat feet, there are a couple of tests you can perform at the point of purchasing those pairs of shoes to ensure that you’re getting the right type of support that you need.

  • If the shoe bends in the toe area, then it provides enough support, but if it bends around the middle, it will definitely not provide the needed support. Your middles are where the support is most needed, so you’ll have to try out another pair.
  • How easily are you able to torque and twist it? Choose a shoe that is tough to move. These are the types of shoes that will provide you with the utmost support for your arches.
  • Is the heel solid and stiff? Proper support for the heels – a basic feature of the best shoes for flat feet women – just brings the whole package together. You would want to avoid a rolling ankle just after getting your arch support, won’t you?

spring-and-summer-shoes-n-women-s-shoes-gauze-net-fabric-breathable-casual-sports-shoes-runningIt all boils down to one basic principle – a stiffer shoe will provide more support for your feet while helping to prevent over-pronation. According to the results of a study conducted by a University in Hong Kong, it was discovered that motion-controlled shoes can assist with over-pronation by giving your feet and legs a more stable base.

You may be thinking ‘why would I prefer a stiff shoe? Won’t it be really uncomfortable?’ Shoes today are manufactured with loads of comfortable material and padding so as to ensure that your feet don’t feel like prisoners inside a plastic box. The common misconception is that extra support equates to a lack of comfort but for a flat footer, you’ll actually feel more comfortable as soon as you receive the arch support wanted by your feet.



Gifts Less Ordinary

I really loved their wide range of personalised gifts @ Gifts Less Ordinary. I came across their website through an article in the Daily Mail. They were very friendly and responded to all my enquiries quickly and efficiently. I really loved the wide selection of personalised gifts on their website and they were affordable too! J.

My husband and I have shopped on Gifts Less Ordinary a couple of times now. My first time was when I was searching for something personalised for my Bridesmaids and I was really satisfied with the customer service and everyone on my bridal train enjoyed the gifts I got from the website. I was also given a couple of gift items from them at my wedding and I must say confess they are very nice and unique.

As someone who looks out for practicality, budget, and value when shopping for a gift, and who also thinks it’s special to get customized gifts because it gives an item some added special touch, it is never too early to get a pair of shoes for my lovely daughter. And when I went to the baby gifts section of Gifts Less Ordinary, I was overwhelmed by the wide variety of beautiful items on display before settling for a lovely pair of personalised pink trainers for my baby. It will be a display item in her nursery while she’s getting ready to walk in them, hopefully around the time of our next trip to Sydney.

It never seems like there’s enough storage space when there’s a baby in the home. So I got a huge personalised storage basket which will be perfect for her toys or any other everyday things.

My husband who is also an avid shopper on the website got me a lovely watch to celebrate our wedding anniversary a few months ago when we travelled to Perth in Australia.

They have a wide variety of items, a great customer service team that is always willing to be of assistance and their items are always delivered in a great condition and wonderful packaging.

Film and Tint for Hospitals and Medical Centers: Window Tinting Perth

Window films provide a myriad of advantages to medical centres and hospitals, from enhanced security to privacy and anti-graffiti as well as savings on heating and cooling costs. They are a cost effective solution that perfectly fit well into the budget of a hospital. Window Tinting Perth provides the top performing, finest quality residential, automotive, and commercial window film choices along with a lot of specialty films for particular applications. Their installation experts are well trained and experienced, courteous, neat, and prompt.

With the aid of energy efficiency window films, medical buildings, and hospitals are able to lower their yearly energy costs. They work in a way that they block solar heat gain during the summer and block heat loss from the building during the winter as well. Both glare protection and UV block are features of these window films, which can be useful in making both staff and patients more comfortable.

Windows are 40 times more shatter-proof with security window films. If it is broken by a storm or fallen tree branch, an explosion or even a vandal, the glass will remain attached to the film situated in the window frame thereby removing the danger of messy clean ups as well as flying glass.

Doctor and patients always desire privacy in any medical facility or hospital. From Emergency rooms, maternity wards, to ICUs and much more, all the areas in a hospital or medical facility can take advantage of increased privacy. Opaque window films are a fantastic solution to adding privacy to doors, windows, and dividers, without having to replace the present glass.

Window Tinting Perth can help clients in making a choice as regards the best window film products that would meet their respective needs, especially for medical facilities. Whether you are searching for climate control, UV protection, glare reduction, security measures, or even anti-graffiti options or energy savings, there’s always a window film that would be the ideal fit for you.